Those who are born into groups that segregate themselves from the “outside” world often have a difficult time surviving outside the group they grew up in. Many are left to fend for themselves without any familial support, shunned as “apostates” or “backsliders” by their former peers.

The Safe Passage Foundation was founded by people who knew all too well what this burden could be like to bear. And it is run by volunteers who know more than any why we have to do what we do: because there’s often nobody else to help when one’s family and support system turns on you.

Many of us know people who didn’t make it. Many of us know those who did, despite the odds they had against them. And we are calling on others like them who have survived to help us help our peers who are struggling right now.

We need your help with our goals of providing college scholarships and emergency financial aid to those who need it right now. We need help with everything from fundraising and outreach to graphic design and writing. There’s certainly something you can help with and it doesn’t need to take any more of your time than you can give.

For many who we are trying to help there is just nobody else they can call on. It’s on us to make a difference. Let’s do this together! Contact SPF today and join us in our efforts.

  1. Dr. A. Kay Schaaf said on :

    I’m an exCOG member. I would like to be of academic and/or counseiing service. I specialize in childhood trauma and resiliency. Please contact me at the above email address.

    Thank you.
    Dr. A. Kay Schaaf

    • Christina said on :

      I am a former cog member. I was raised in it until I left at 21. I have not spoken to many people about it either. I sometimes think I need to talk to someone but when I try it’s very hard for people to even comprehend what I’m saying.

  2. Daniel Rickenbach said on :

    You are doing wonderful work. I support the effort. I’m taking some small steps to lend my support now. I hope much good may be done through this foundation. I’m a survivor of a bible based cult and have a heart for those who are victims of abusive groups. Particularly high on my list of worthy organizations to support and help is this one.

    Thank you for giving so many hope.

    Daniel Rickenbach


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